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A Mother and Her Two Daughters 

Paba Cosmetics is a makeup line that is 100% cruelty free created for women of diverse skin tones. The line’s diverse shades are formulated to truly/seamlessly match their unique undertones. Felicia Sarpong, creator and CEO of the brand, was inspired to create Paba Cosmetics after years of not being able to find her correct foundation shade. Years of being dissatisfied with products that left her skin with an ash, grey or high red finish, she decided to stop complaining about the issue and change it.

By doing her own research in finding a solution to this problem that many women with diverse skin tones face, in 2001, Paba Cosmetics was born. With the meaning of Paba being the initials of her eldest daughter’s name and her youngest daughter being the face of the brand, Sarpong originally wholesaled the products to urban beauty supply stores in the Greater Toronto Area, Montreal and Ottawa. In 2010, Sarpong took the business to new heights when she decided to part ways with a well-known Canadian bank where she worked for 25 years at a senior management level, opening the first Paba Cosmetics store front in Accra, Ghana. Since then, Sarpong has opened two other locations in Ghana (Accra and Kumasi) and in February 2016, the first Canadian storefront was opened in Etobicoke Ontario. 

The Paba brand currently owned and run by Sarpong and her two daughters Princilla and Daisy, Paba Cosmetics also formulates their products to considers the various skin conditions such as hyper pigmentation, acne prone, eczema and skin sensitivity thus making the products oil free and hypoallergenic. Paba Cosmetics’ slogan is “For All The Beautiful Shades Of You” letting every women know that as a brand we want all our clients who we refer to as Paba Ladies, to feel comfortable in their own skin and allow our products to be an addition to the natural beauty women already have. 

Paba Cosmetics takes pride in helping women identify and match their true undertone by providing one on one makeup consultation and colour match sessions at their various locations to make sure every Paba Lady leaves with the right Paba products that they can wear confidently. “Paba Cosmetics is your favorite accessory.

We want women to feel good and comfortable about themselves wearing makeup. We are breaking the stigma that makeup is a mask that hides who you are. It doesn’t have to be perceived that way. Once you understand your true undertone and have products like Paba Cosmetics that matches your undertone perfectly, you will not only achieve a natural look but a flawless finish; confidently wearing Paba as makeup that is an addition to your natural beauty”.  

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