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Create Your Own Eyeshadow Palette

Create Your Own Eyeshadow Palette
Create Your Own Eyeshadow Palette
$15.00 CAD

Please use the form below to indicate which colour you'd like to add to your palette.

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Highly pigmented powder eye shadows that are available in various colours, shades and finishes that apply smoothly to the eye and are easily to blend.

See Eyeshadow page for colours 

Golden Stool (deep toned gold; finish: metallic)
Trophy  (yellow toned gold; finish: metallic)
Treasure (mid toned gold with orange and yellow undertones; finish: metallic)
Champagne (pearly deep ivory; finish: pearl)
Sunny (vibrant yellow; finish: matte)
Peachy (light peachy orange with light flecks of glitters; finish: semi pearl)
Zest (vibrant deep orange; finish: matte)
Brick (deep red; finish: metallic)
Copper (deep red with copper undertones and golden flecks; finish: shimmer)
Salmon (light pink with silver undertones; finish: metallic)
Girly (light gold with strong pink undertones; finish: shimmer)
Aloha (deep magenta pink; finish: matte)
Dollhouse (mid tone pink with slight blue undertones; finish: pearl)
Ocean (deep sapphire blue with hints of light glitter; finish; pearl)
Sailor (deep navy blue: finish; Matte)
Caribbean (sea blue with hints of glitter; finish: metallic)
Avocado (iridescent medium tone green with flecks of gold; finish: shimmer)
Moss (army green with flecks of gold; finish: pearl)
Rainforest (dark green with light hints of gold and green glitter; finish: shimmer)
Nature (mid tone green with yellow undertones; finish: matte)
Vineyard (sea form green with light hints of glitter; finish: pearl)
Violet (light mauve purple; finish: matte)
Mulberry (deep violet; finish: matte)
Plum (mid tone purple; finish: pearl)
Royal Purple (lavender with gold glitter; finish: shimmer)
Vintage (mid tone orchid purple; finish: matte)
Hot Chocolate (medium tone brown with red undertone and golden flecks; finish: pearl)
Mocha (medium tone brown with red undertone; finish: matte)
Almond (dark ashy brown; finish: matte)
Cinder (ashy greyish brown with green undertones; finish: shimmer)
Pitch Black (jet black; finish: matte)
Platinum (muted greyish silver; finish: metallic)
Thunder (cool tone grey with blue undertone; finish: matte)
Transition (Medium toned brown; finish: matte)
Rose Gold (rosy brown with golden flecks; finish: pearl)

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